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About Us


Carr Security Group was founded to provide a wide range of innovative and cost effective security solutions for all types of customers. We work with residential customers, small businesses, all the way up to large commercial and government customers. All of our customers are treated independently because we understand that each of our customers have different needs and different budgets. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' or 'cookie cutter' approach to our security system designs. We work directly with home owners and small businesses to provide, evaluate and design the strongest security system to meet our customer's exact needs and budget.

We have a strong IT background and work with IT departments, Operations departments, Risk Management and Loss Prevention departments to assist with our security system integration. The physical security industry has merged with the IT industry and we excel at implementing and integrating this technology.

We strive to provide cutting edge technology at competitive prices by researching and testing new technology regularly. We attend various security trade shows and work shops to further our knowledge of new technology being introduced into the security industry, so we can pass this knowledge onto our customers. Our knowledge is displayed by our quality products, our precise system design, our professional installation and our expert service and support.

Each aspect of technology in the security industry changes rapidly and we have to change with it or our systems become like many of our competitor’s security systems – antiquated.


“Peace of mind is what security is all about. Whether we are protecting a single home or 1000 restaurants, we understand that our customers want a user friendly, cost effective and reliable security system. That is what’s behind every security system Carr Security Group provides and that is what separates us from other security providers.”


“Your security system can only be as smart as the company you choose to provide it. Choose Carr Security Group.”



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