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Commercial Security


Carr Security Group offers our commercial customers true integrated security. We pride ourselves in the ability to study and evaluate our commercial customer’s security needs and design our security systems to protect every aspect of our customers business. Our commercial security systems deter crime and protect against the five most common shrinkage areas: employee theft, shoplifting, administrative errors, vendor errors and internal employee errors. According to a 2008 national retail security survey employee theft accounts for 47% of retail losses, shoplifting accounts for 32%, administrative errors account for 14%, vendor errors for 4%, and internal employee errors account for 3%. As criminals get smarter, so has Carr Security Group.
Our most advanced digital and hybrid network video recorders utilize megapixel technology to give our customers the highest recorded video resolution possible, so they have the clearest video they need to protect their business. Our surveillance systems have the option of utilizing Exception-Based Reporting (EBR) by integrating with our customer's point-of-sale devices to record cash register activity with video for quick searches of definable activity such as 'no sales', 'voids', and many other negative reflecting cash register transactions.

Our digital video recorder's EBR point-of-sale database enables our customers to quickly search video associated with dollar denominations, credit card numbers, order numbers, reciept numbers and many other definable search criteria to quickly locate and view video of negative activity, such as counterfeit bill passage or stolen credit card usage. Our systems are designed with ease of use and the highest level of security in mind.

Our CCTV systems also integrate with our access control and alarm intrusion and fire detection systems to give our customers total control over their business security and provide them with information that they can utilize to deter crime and reduce loss. We work with risk management and loss prevention departments on a daily basis and assist in integrating our security systems into our customer's company networks for Remote Server Security Management (RSSM). Our digital video recorders, network and hybrid video recorders allow our customers to remotely connect utilizing a host of devices such as cell phones, pdas, iphones, mini and full size notebook computers, and desktop computers from anywhere in the world. So if our customers are in the office or on the go they have the tools they need to manage and monitor their business.

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